What To Do If Your Pipes Burst

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July 21, 2017
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Sewer Line Backups And Options To Fix Them
December 2, 2019

The winter in the Greater Pittsburgh area can be brutal and unforgiving.  If your furnace goes out or your gas is shut off for unpaid bills, your house’s water lines could burst or leak.  If your pipes do burst undetected, you can have a big problem on your hands! 

  1. If you have burst pipes, do your best to winterize the property.
  2. Turn OFF the water at the main shut off valve near the meter.
  3. Open faucets and empty the water lines.
    • Your best bet is to blow out the water lines with an air compressor but if that is too much, just open your faucets, especially in the basement (the lowest point)
  4. Clean up the water off the floor and in the walls or ceilings to reduce the risk for mold.

Your insurance may cover the damage, so be sure to give your provider a call in the event you find a water line leak. Your insurance company should be able to give you a list of approved vendors that deal with disaster recovery in situations like these.

If the issue is just too much for you to handle, you can always reach out to us to get a fair offer to sell your house. We deal with these issues all the time and have helped dozens of people in the same situation. If you need our help or want to discuss options, just click here. We buy as-is and can take over your mess.