Eviction Advice for Landlords

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December 3, 2019
Filing eviction on tenant
  • Do you have a nightmare tenant you need to evict?  If you let the wrong tenant into your rental property, you probably found out how hard it is to take back control of your property. 
  • Most tenants are good, but you may have a tenant that:
    • Doesn’t pay rent
    • Doesn’t pay utilities
    • Causes damage
    • Sneaks in pets
    • Let’s people move in without your knowledge
    • Causes noise disruptions with neighbors or other tenants
    • Drug use or drug dealing
  • If you recognize any of the above behavior, you need to file for eviction immediately.  It will not get better!  The longer you wait, the more of an issue it will become. They will view you as a push over!
  • Your best friend should be your lease agreement.  Your lease should clearly spell out what tenants are and are not allowed to do.  Some landlords I’ve met don’t have leases or they have a one page lease that is basically useless.
  • What’s worse is when you rent to relatives or friends. I see this turn out to be the worst situations out there.
  • Visit your local magistrate and ask for a form to evict a tenant that is not paying. Ask them for help on understanding the rules and timelines that you must follow.
    Do NOT just change the locks, or throw their things out on the lawn. You will regret that!
  • If you are not familiar with the eviction process, contact a real estate attorney to handle the situation.
  • If you have a tough tenant or eviction situation in the Pittsburgh area and you can’t handle it anymore, contact us.  We buy properties in these situations.  We will make an offer to purchase your property and help you get them out if you follow our advice.
  • Contact us today if you don’t want to be a landlord anymore!